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If you are interested in finding the best nursing programs, careers, and online nursing classes, we are glad you found our site.  Over the last few years, we have researched, interviewed, and done everything possible to assemble information on the best online nursing programs and careers available.

Without a question, if you are concerned about your economic future, accelerated nursing programs may be seen as one way to get into a lucrative career. While the healthcare industry remains solvent, you should do what you can to get into nursing jobs as quickly as possible. At the very least, if you start looking at online nursing schools, you will have a better chance of having a rewarding career, even as other occupations become less well-represented in our country.

Nursing Jobs

The United States has an aging population and a shortage in nursing, which is growing by the day! The field of nursing and healthcare is in great demand for qualified professionals. Over one million new jobs and already rising nurse salaries have made nursing training, programs, and schools a viable option for people looking for a steady and secure career, a change in occupation, or additional training that will help them secure full-time permanent employment.  All nursing jobs come with excellent benefits. Even if you choose nursing programs that focus on an LPN designation, you can easily make $35,000 to $50,000 per year. As may be expected, if you choose nursing programs that offer an RN degree or higher, you can make well over $75,000 per year.  In fact, an NP, or nurse practitioner, can make upwards of $80,000 to $100,000 per year.

Some other benefits include:

• Job security no matter where you go in the country
• Student loans will be forgiven after five years of working in a medically under-served region
• Enjoy the rewards and challenges associated with being part of a care-giving team
• Advance to other career opportunities as you continue your studies

Nursing360 has researched and compiled a list of resources, including online nursing programs, medical careers, trends in the medical field, and other great information to help you consider what training you should pursue, what will pay the best, and how to pay for the schooling needed.

Online Nursing Courses

For example, a poplar trend in recent times is pursuing nursing with accredited online courses, which allows for career and salary improvement, benefits and retirement compensation, and flexible hours that work around your life demands.  Other benefits include:

• All nursing programs should prepare you and guide you through the state board exams
• Both online and offline nursing programs should give you access to hands on training
• Access to the best course materials and latest techniques used in the field of nursing

Scholarships will also be featured as part of our financial aid assistance we will be highlighting for medical related majors or programs.

Nursing360 is the one-stop shop and guide for nursing programs, education, and medical careers. We work hard to bring you the best nursing information available, allowing students to compare nursing careers, programs, schools, read common questions and answers, and funding sources to pay for a medical related program of training.

Learn about the various nursing and healthcare areas of emphasis in order to pursue the one that best suits your interest and life goals. There are several options; you could choose from working with children, adults, or the elderly populations.

Lastly, discover the vast selection of schools offering nursing programs and determine the one that best meets your needs. Start your nursing education search today, and you’ll be on your way to a nursing career in no time at all!

Continued Education

Why is continued education so important and what does it mean for your future?

Featured Resources

  • Navigating the path towards a career as a professional nurse isn’t easy but nursing schools play the important role of setting students on the right track. The latter half of a nursing degree program focuses on the hands-on aspect of the training, which is known as the clinical portion.

  • Being a nurse of any kind requires extensive training and preparation. Regardless of the training being pursued, students can expect to be introduced to a wide variety of nursing related topics. For those choosing to complete online nursing classes, this approach is convenient and cost-effective!

  • Once you choose an online nursing school to enroll in, it will be up to that school to recommend the nearest medical facility to your location. This is where the bulk of your hands-on training will take place.

Case Study

We will be featuring a nursing story in this section every month.  These stories will highlight students and professionals in the medical field that have a motivational and powerful story to share.  If you have a unique story, please let us hear about it for your chance to be featured here!