3 Things All New Nurses Should Do After Graduation

February 16, 2014 in Medical Careers


Nursing schools are known for being rigorous. As eager as students are to jump into the healthcare industry, it’s easy to understand their need to take action once graduation rolls around. It is all well and good to begin thinking about all the places you’ll submit a resume to but there are other steps that can be taken to ensure a smooth transition from the classroom to the workplace.

Newly graduated nurses will want to take note of the following 3 things that should be checked off their list once they’ve said goodbye to their days in nursing school:

Get a Mentor

Do you currently have a mentor? That’s great. The key is maintaining that relationship, even after graduation. Having a mentor is crucial for students but even working professionals with years in their respective fields still maintain ties with these individuals. Make sure to stay in touch with your mentor and keep him/her in the loop as far as your progress is going. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or arrange for a coffee date so you can pick their brain–that’s what they’re for, after all.

Don’t already have a mentor? Then the first step should be using those newly acquired networking skills to find an individual who can serve as your mentor. While not mandatory, it is highly recommended. It is essential for new nurses to have such a person to turn to, especially when dealing with new territory like finishing school and diving into the job search.

Having trouble finding a mentor? Reach out to an instructor from your school to ask for referrals or contact the medical facility where you completed your clinicals. This is a great resource for finding mentors who would be more than happy to be of assistance.


Just because you graduate doesn’t mean forgetting all of the friends and connections made over time. It is important to network aggressively right after graduation. This could be as simple as sending out an email to “check in” and notify your connections about the latest happenings with you, including finishing school and job hunting.

Use social media to your advantage by posting updates and keeping your networking circle in the know. By doing this, chances are they’ll be encouraged to contact you in case they hear of any job openings or other opportunities that you might have missed out on otherwise.

Remember: it is who you know.

Enjoy Some R&R

In addition to the checklist items mentioned above, the final item is the most important: rest and relaxation. Learn how to network and job hunt smart by not making these activities a full time job. There is a way to balance work and play and after the years and effort spent on earning a nursing degree, the “play” aspect is certainly well deserved.

Schedule downtime for yourself to indulge in the things you’ve missed out on or haven’t had the time to do while in school. R&R is a crucial part of the process that will prevent burnout and feelings of stress.

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