4 Myths About Online Nursing Schools

May 20, 2013 in Online Classes

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Choosing to approach nursing school via the distance learning method has its pros and cons but is also subject to misleading myths. There is nothing wrong with this educational method but for students to know whether or not it is a good fit for their learning needs and preferences, it helps to also dispel any myths that may be attached.

Myth #1: Going to School Online Means I Don’t Have to Go to a Real Class

This isn’t quite accurate. There are nursing schools out there that offer 100% online degree programs with no need for attending a class or clinicals but this mainly applies to nurses already working professionally in the healthcare field. It is very important that nursing students find out who is eligible to participate in the 100% online programs/courses.

In most cases, nursing students obtaining their training through distance learning participate in a hybrid program, which offers a combination of online courses as well as regular classroom lecture and/or instruction. It is highly unlikely that a student in nursing school will be allowed to do a 100% online program with no clinicals. Clinical rounds are the most vital part of the training/educational process and even if a student attends an online school, they will have to make arrangements to invest a few hours each week at an approved medical facility to satisfy their program’s clinical requirement.

Myth #2: Graduating From an Online Nursing School Won’t Impress Employers

On the contrary. Over the years distance learning has become widely accepted and respected not just within the educational field but the workplace as well. There are many reputable online schools with stellar degree programs that offer the best training for its students. Employers won’t turn away a potential hire because they received their degree online.

As long as the online school is accredited and the degree program is able to provide students with the skills and training necessary to do the job, that’s all employers care about.

Myth #3: Getting a Nursing Degree Online Is a Great Shortcut

No distance learning program is ever easy, nor should it be viewed as a shortcut or fast path towards a degree. Many online institutions provide degree programs that are not only challenging but rigorous. Nursing students hoping for smooth sailing can expect to be met with a demanding schedule that will require a lot of their time and commitment.

It doesn’t take much to fall behind in an online nursing course and although completing an education via the computer is convenient, it is extremely hard to keep up with the rest of the class if a student is lagging. Getting a nursing degree online means making the time, putting in 100% effort and staying completed focused, disciplined and motivated from start to finish.

Myth #4: Going to Nursing School Online Means I Won’t Get to Interact with Patients or Medical Professionals

Nearly all nursing programs come with a clinical portion. This is the hands-on part of the process, which also applies to nursing students attending an online school. There is plenty of opportunity to interact with patients and work alongside physicians, nurses and other medical staff.

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