4 Nursing Careers You May Not Know About

April 24, 2013 in Medical Careers

Nursing Personnel

Each future nurse often dreams of what they’d be like in their ideal occupation: helping to bring new lives into the world as a neonatal nurse, handling life and death situations as a trauma nurse and playing a vital role in the everyday operations of a healthcare facility as a registered nurse. However, there are many more nursing careers out there that people may not be aware of.

Forensic Nurse

Anyone that’s a fan of shows like CSI and Law & Order: SVU, the role of a forensic nurse could be very appealing as a possible profession. Forensic nurses work in the field, often collecting valuable medical evidence and offering support to victims of crimes like sexual assault. The nature of this work also allows these types of nurses to act as patient advocates.

Forensic nurses work very closely with law enforcement. Their findings can make all the difference in catching those responsible for such crimes, as well as prove their guilt (or innocence) in a court of law.

Flight Nurse

Want a nursing career that doesn’t confine you to the traditional medical environment? Then the path of a flight nurse might be a better fit. As the name implies, flight nurses commonly find themselves interacting with patients in emergency and non-emergency transport involving the use of various aircraft.

This form of nursing is very demanding, both physically and mentally. The types of patients are very diverse, since flight nurses are often summoned to scenes of accidents, disasters and other scenarios where people are suffering from trauma. It is vital for nurses in this position to be proficient at multitasking, working under extreme pressure, as well as possess stellar communication and interpersonal skills.

Legal Nurse Consultant

Similar to the role of a forensic nurse, legal nurse consultants also work with law enforcement but in a different aspect. Legal nurse consultants first and foremost operate as patient advocates. Using their expertise in nursing practices, these types of nurses work closely with lawyers to educate them on the healthcare industry by breaking down the more complex medical practices and standards into layman’s terms. All of the information and knowledge gained is then used to strengthen a lawyer’s case in litigation and other applicable legal situations.

Other ways legal nurse consultants assist lawyers is by helping them choose the appropriate medical personnel to testify in cases and properly organize medical data and records.

Travel Nurse

Just as there are doctors that travel around the world, there are also travel nurses. Individuals that truly embrace challenges, adapt well to change and possess a sense of adventure will find the position of a travel nurse to be a dream come true. Travel nurses work with a specific agency and recruiter–the latter performs the legwork. All the nurse has to do is wait for instructions as to where to go and what to pack.

Travel nurses never have a routine schedule and the range of patients and medical needs varies greatly. This position offers a great pay scale, bonuses and housing/lodging are provided as well.

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