4 Ways to Afford Nursing School

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Nursing Students Receiving Instruction

Going to nursing school can be very expensive, there’s no doubt about that. However, there are ways for nursing students to go about receiving the funds needed to finance their training and education. Of course there are the traditional means like nursing scholarships, grants and student loans. These options are typically sought out through websites, third parties and are even offered through the schools themselves. But did you know that there are also financial aid options available through actual hospitals?

Students may find these additional alternatives very helpful in securing enough money to get them from the classroom into the healthcare industry.

Work Study Programs

While not offered everywhere, it doesn’t hurt for students to contact hospitals or do an online search to find out what work study programs exist in their area. As with any work study program, this arrangement entails working in a real world environment and earning a wage, while attending school at the same time. This is the perfect situation for nursing students that want to have the best of both worlds and the opportunity to make some money as well.

Taking part in a work study program at a hospital also gives students the chance to possibly be considered for a full-time position once they’ve completed their education and are ready to get into the field. It also opens up the doors for mentoring and sources for letters of recommendation, if needed in the future.

Low-Interest Loans

There are more student loan programs out there than a person can shake a stick at. Some hospitals have also gotten into the loan business by offering low-interest loans to qualifying nursing students. As the name suggests, the interest rates on these types of loans is much lower compared to others, which could be a great financial help for students. Being eligible for a low-interest loan program through a hospital may come with stringent criteria but being able to secure this form of financial aid can go a long way.

Nursing Scholarships

There are plenty of ways to go about finding nursing scholarships but students shouldn’t forget to check if there are any hospitals in the area that offer their own scholarships. Checking the official hospital websites or doing a simple online search could provide a student with all the info they need, as far as how to be considered. In most cases, applicants need to be enrolled at full-time status in a nursing program and meet specific requirements.

Some hospitals that award scholarships may require winners to commit to working at their facility upon graduation for a certain number of years in order to receive the full award amount for their schooling. It is important for recipients of these types of scholarships to honor their commitment or else they could face penalties.

Nursing Grants

As with nursing scholarships, there are hospitals that distribute grants to qualified nursing students. Some of these grants involve training students onsite instead of in a traditional classroom setting. Grants given through hospitals are typically designed to assist students from low income backgrounds, are disabled or of a particular ethnic group.

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