Benefits to Joining Professional Organizations

April 26, 2012 in Medical Careers

professional organizations

Nursing is a very challenging career but by the same measure it carries great personal rewards.  There are times of stress and time when situations arise that become problematic.  Where can a nurse turn when these thing occur?  Joining professional organizations can be a highly motivating and greatly supportive place to turn for a helping hand.

There are many organizations within the field of nursing that can provide a much needed network of peers that go thru similar situations as you.  It is a place where a nurse can vent, console and empathize with others.   Even of more value these professional organizations make available current information about nursing.

These professional organizations include national nursing associations and state and local associations for nurses.  There are also specialty organizations that are open for enrollment like the Home Care Nurses Association, the Oncology Nurses Association and many others.

Of course, membership in a professional organization is not required, but it is highly recommended.  Keeping on top of any nursing advances is a key benefit but there are many others:

  • Networking
  • Access to discount insurance rates
  • Educational opportunities
  • Access to mentors and mentoring
  • Forums on how to improve the nursing profession
  • Personal and professional growth


The value of these benefits is what you make of them.  It means that you are a part of the greater whole in the nursing profession.  It also means that you are an active and caring participant involved in a deeper level with career and actively involved in helping others in the nursing profession.  These benefits are perks to an already rewarding career.

Many have active websites where nurses can attend meetings, subscribe to journals, and keep current with information.  At conventions that organizations hold nurses can meet other nurses from all over the country and create networks of peers.  They can also take advantage of workshops and visit with vendors while there.

Membership makes a statement about your professionalism and is a perfect addition to your resume.  It may help when being considered for a promotion.  And of course you will stay informed of the latest trends in health care.

Visit the American Nurses Association website where you can obtain information without being a member and research membership.  Also is a website where you can look at a list of nursing associations both in the United States and internationally.  Research and ask questions then join those that interest you and become an active member.

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