The ACA & Nursing Homes: What Nurse Practitioners Can Expect

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Elderly Couple

When running for president the first time around, Barack Obama based his entire campaign on the concept of “Change.” Now in his second term, he is making sure that change is being implemented in the biggest way with the Affordable Care Act, which went into effect on October 1. It’s… Continue Reading →

Matching Your Personality with the Right Nursing Job

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Knowing where one fits in when it comes to nursing is super important. Not only does this decision help determine which nursing schools a person will apply to, it also improves the odds of being successful once they’ve gotten into the field. Of course there are the run-of-the-mill approaches to… Continue Reading →

The Benefits of Becoming a VA Nurse

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VA Nurse with Veteran

The time and service America’s veterans have dedicated, in the name and spirit of their country, make them a very special demographic. VA nurses know better than anyone what veterans have contributed, as they are the main medical professionals in charge of their care and transitioning them back into civilian… Continue Reading →

What It Takes to Become a Military Nurse

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Group of Military Nurses

A large majority of nurses find themselves working at hospitals, clinics, school campuses and rest homes. But for individuals who would rather step outside of the comfort zone traditional medical settings provide, the profession of a military nurse could end up being a much better fit. Military nurses are given… Continue Reading →

School Nurses: Still Very Much in Demand

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Female School Nurse

School nurses have been around forever. Ask any parent or grandparent and chances are they’ve made an occasional trip or two to the nurse’s office during their school days. Of all the nursing careers out there, the role of the school nurse is still very much in demand. With the… Continue Reading →

3 Things All New Nurses Should Do After Graduation

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Nursing schools are known for being rigorous. As eager as students are to jump into the healthcare industry, it’s easy to understand their need to take action once graduation rolls around. It is all well and good to begin thinking about all the places you’ll submit a resume to but… Continue Reading →

Geriatric Nursing Career Breakdown

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Geriatric Nurse with Patient

Students who decide to go into nursing already know it will be hard, challenging, require long hours of intense study and that the nursing careers they’re preparing for will be far from glamorous (i.e. dealing with bedpans, bodily fluids, etc.). However, those that embrace the training process and really apply… Continue Reading →

Nursing Organizations Worth Being a Member Of

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Aside from earning a nursing degree and getting licensed to practice in the healthcare field, there are other ways for new nurses to accelerate their level of career involvement and training. Nursing organizations are a prime example. There are different types of nurses and each one has its own respective… Continue Reading →

What You Need to Know About the CNA Exam

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Want to become a certified nursing assistant (CNA)? That’s great, especially since, according to the US Department of Labor, nursing trends show that the demand for CNAs will continue to increase through 2016. It might be good news to learn that becoming a certified nursing assistant only requires a high… Continue Reading →

5 Traits All CNA’s Must Have

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With the healthcare industry continuing to offer a wide range of career opportunities, many people have dedicated themselves to figuring out where they fit in. Of course not everyone is cut out to be a physician, registered nurse or other types of key positions in the field. However, there are… Continue Reading →