How to Make Your Nursing Profile Stand Out on Online Job Board Sites

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Laptop with Job Search Sites

The Internet has changed the way people conduct their job searches as well as the options for how employers find potential hires. Although this has certainly served as a convenient and timely way to get the job done (no pun intended), it also increases the likelihood for laziness and less… Continue Reading →

New Nurse Turnover: What It Is & How to Avoid It

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Nurses at Work

With all the work that goes into preparing to become a nurse, one would think that once a new nurse finds employment, everything else will fall neatly into place. Unfortunately, that is not the reality within the healthcare system. As big as the demand continues to be for a wide… Continue Reading →

Management Oriented Nursing Careers

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Nurse Manager

Sometimes the traditional duties and responsibilities of being a nurse isn’t enough. Advancing towards a position in management gives nurses the flexibility to administer their knowledge and expertise in a way that can help influence healthcare and nursing trends, policy and contribute to the improvement of patient care. There are… Continue Reading →

Surgical Oriented Nursing Careers

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Nurses During Surgery

Of all the nursing specialties out there, working as a nurse in the surgical unit is one of the most diverse and challenging fields.  Nurses looking for a challenge and an opportunity to be a part of a solid team may find what they’re looking for in this type of… Continue Reading →

Community Oriented Nursing Careers

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Nurses Working Together

Similar to going into the law enforcement field, people that choose to get into the healthcare industry often do so because they want to help others and give back to their communities. Nursing jobs are all about the humanitarian side of things but community oriented nursing careers in particular are… Continue Reading →

What It Takes to Become a Nursing Entrepreneur

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Nurse Holding Patient's Hand

When most people think of nurses, they often picture this healthcare professional as a part of a team. Nursing schools teach students how to not only master the skills needed to succeed in the field but how to operate as team players. However, it is entirely possible for nurses to… Continue Reading →

Nursing Wifery: Still a Very Relevant Medical Profession

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Newborn Baby

Think nurse midwifery is a thing of the past? Think again. This profession only continues to grow in popularity and demand…so much so, that in 2010 the rules (as set by the American College for Mid-Wives) changed and now require all certified nurse midwives to hold a graduate degree. The… Continue Reading →

4 Nursing Careers You May Not Know About

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Nursing Personnel

Each future nurse often dreams of what they’d be like in their ideal occupation: helping to bring new lives into the world as a neonatal nurse, handling life and death situations as a trauma nurse and playing a vital role in the everyday operations of a healthcare facility as a… Continue Reading →

To Join a Professional Nursing Organization or Not to Join?

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There are professional organizations for virtually every discipline out there, including nursing. With the continuing boom in demand for nursing careers of all types, there are a number of professional nursing organizations one can join. Contrary to popular belief, becoming a member of such a group isn’t just limited to… Continue Reading →

Best Health Care Practices for Nurses

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nursing schools

Today, a lot of complaints can be heard, seen and read just about everywhere about poor patient care. It is said that patient care in hospitals and other nursing facilities are deteriorating. Patients and their families no longer receive the care they expect from the hospitals particularly from nurses, doctors… Continue Reading →