What Does It Take to Be a Nurse?

February 4, 2013 in Medical Careers | Permalink

be a nurse

After hearing the good news that nurses are in demand in the US and other countries worldwide, you suddenly got interested to take up nursing. Now, are you 100% sure this is for you? Do you have what it takes to be a nurse and an efficient one at that?… Continue Reading →

What You Should Know When Applying to College

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applying to college

Applying to college is considered a critical part in a student’s journey to success. This can most likely predict what future lies ahead once you get accepted in the school you’ve applied to. Thus, you should prepare yourself and plan ahead before applying to college. There is a college for… Continue Reading →

The 5 Top Reasons for Choosing a Career in Health Care

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health care

Even before you graduate high school, you should be planning on what courses to take in college. Of course choosing a course can be difficult and confusing. It takes a lot of rational thinking and balancing of factors before finally deciding what career to pursue. If you are planning to… Continue Reading →

Awaiting Doctors in Rural Areas

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rural medicine

There is a growing need for physicians all over the country, but more so in rural areas.  Only about 10 percent of physicians are currently practicing in rural areas.  Of those, about 27 percent are older than 55 meaning that in a very short time many more physicians will be… Continue Reading →

The Much Needed Social Worker

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social worker

Healthcare is comprised of hundreds of different career options.  Helping others can be done in a variety of ways when going into a healthcare related field.  Many careers are available it just depends on what you would like to focus on.  Some will require a lot of higher education and… Continue Reading →

Working with the Visually Impaired: Orientation and Mobility Specialist

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orientation and mobility specialist

A healthcare career is far more than becoming a doctor or a nurse.  There are so many careers within the field that it would be difficult listing them all.  Something that most of them seem to have in common, though, is that they involve helping others directly or indirectly.  Many… Continue Reading →

Animals Need Love Too: A Career as an Animal Behaviorist

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animal behaviorist

Many people go into psychology because they are very curious about why people do or act a certain way.  They enjoy helping others get through certain periods in their lives which would otherwise be difficult without help.  But, what about those people who feel the same way except not towards… Continue Reading →

The Hands-on Massage Therapist

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massage therapist

The healthcare field has many fascinating and rewarding career opportunities available for every type of person.  One career would be that of a Massage Therapist.  If you enjoy helping others and working with your hands, it just may be the perfect job for you. A massage therapist methodically applies focused,… Continue Reading →

The Not So Common Naturopathic Doctor

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naturopathic doctor

Careers in the healthcare field are abundant.  Looking for the right one for you can be a breeze by just doing a little research.  Many of these careers are extremely rewarding and a big plus also being that many are in high demand and are expected to be for quite… Continue Reading →

Healthcare Careers In Demand

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healthcare careers

When thinking of career paths, one has to look at many factors.  What jobs are currently available and available in the near future?  What field of study are you considering?  What career would fit with your personality?  The list goes on. Careers in the healthcare field are almost always in… Continue Reading →