The Ancient Practice of Acupuncture/Oriental Medicine

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The healthcare field offers many career choices that are in demand.  Some are high profile and others are behind the scenes type of jobs.  You have your doctors, nurses, radiology technicians and so many more.  Consider what you enjoy and research the different careers available.  Looking into a healthcare related… Continue Reading →

Where Do Nurses Work: Your Specialty Defining Your Work Place

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nursing specialities

When you think of the question, where do nurses work? Our minds tend to picture a hospital or some type of clinic.  Let us remember that nurses keep patients comfortable and healthy not only in a clinical environment.  Their responsibilities are based on the specialty they have chosen.  The nursing… Continue Reading →

A Job with Heart: Cardiac Care Nurse

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cardiac care nurse

Nursing is not a career one should enter lightly.  It requires an individual with a lot of heart and a true calling to help others.  There are many levels of nursing one can look into and plenty of room for growing within the healthcare field. One type of nurse in… Continue Reading →

The Ongoing Need for Geriatric Nurses

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geriatric nursing

The American Association of Colleges of Nursing reports that by 2030 nearly 20 percent of Americans will be age 65 and over.  What does this mean for the healthcare profession?  Well, if you are looking for a career with great potential in growth and durability, then consider a career in… Continue Reading →

Yay or Nay to a Healthcare Career

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healthcare career

A healthcare career is a great career to pursue.  It is recession resistant, offers competitive pay and you are able to help others.  Unfortunately, many people go into the field for all the wrong reasons.  Before you set your sights on a healthcare career, ask yourself a few questions to… Continue Reading →

Animals are People Too

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veterinary technician

The healthcare field encompasses a variety of occupations.  There are doctors, nurses, various technicians, managers, medical transcribers and the list goes on.  The one thing in common in most of these careers is people.  These healthcare careers require working with people either directly or indirectly, but the common factor is… Continue Reading →

A Blood Enthusiast’s Healthcare Career Choice: Phlebotomy

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When many think of a nurse, a doctor or any other healthcare profession they think of blood.  Truth be told, there are many jobs in this field that do not require you to work with bodily fluids, but one that does is phlebotomy. A phlebotomist is a healthcare professional trained… Continue Reading →

Surviving in a Nursing Career

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nurse survival tips

Nursing can be a great many things, rewarding, satisfying, fulfilling, and so much more.  The one thing nursing is not, is easy.  The day to day tasks and activities that a nurse has to endure can take its toll on a person.  One task in particular can be, not always,… Continue Reading →

Managerial Post as an Infectious Disease Nurse

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Infectious Disease Nurse

Two closely associated specialties in the nursing field are that of an Infectious Disease Nurse and an Infection Control Nurse.  Both professionals usually work as supervisors or administrators in hospitals or community and public health. A career in nursing is rewarding and highly looked up to.  These managerial positions are… Continue Reading →

A Nursing Job Rarely Spoken Of

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correctional facility nurse

A career in healthcare can mean a great many things.  There are hundreds of jobs that fall under this category.  You have doctors, nurses, technicians, medical transcriptionists and the list continues.  Within each of those careers is a subset of more careers.  The nursing field alone contains numerous career options… Continue Reading →