Promising Healthcare Programs at IntelliTec College in Colorado

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IntelliTec College

With so many great healthcare programs out there offering an abundance of varying degrees and length of programs, it is hard to choose the school that best suits your needs.  The number of jobs becoming available in healthcare is growing, so a career in healthcare would be a smart choice…. Continue Reading →

Perfusionists, the Operators of Life Saving Machines

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There is always a place for people wanting a career in healthcare.  You can find just about any type of job within the field of healthcare and there is always a need for a good professional.  It is not just doctors and nurses, but a whole team of people that… Continue Reading →

Explore a Career as a Medical Librarian

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medical librarian

Working in the healthcare field carries with it a prestigious and rewarding feel.  It is a sought after and very available career to consider.  If you are thinking about it, but are not sure due to the fact that you are not comfortable dealing directly with patients, not to worry;… Continue Reading →

Can You Hear Me: Become An Audiologist

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You may be thinking of a career where you can help people, but you know you cannot work in a setting where everyone seems to be sick.  Healthcare careers are multifaceted with a great many available to fit your personal preferences.  Some may prefer to work in a hospital such… Continue Reading →

The Colorful World of Art Therapy

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art therapy

When you hear that someone wants a career where they can “help others” many of us go straight to thinking about becoming a doctor or a nurse.  Let me tell you that the field of healthcare contains a plethora of careers where you can help others and not necessarily become… Continue Reading →

Surgery Wounds Healed by Nurses

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wound and ostomy nurses

Nursing is a terrific career to ascertain.  It is exciting, rewarding and is a prestigious career.  It has many possibilities as far as advancement or lateral movements.  There are many types of nurses, it is a matter of questioning yourself on the “type” of person you are to find the… Continue Reading →

Become a Dietitian or Nutritionist to Help Others Be Healthy

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become a dietitian

Become a Dietitian or Nutritionist The healthcare field holds a great many career opportunities for you to take advantage of.  There are plenty career choices to fit even the quirkiest of personalities.  Healthcare is growing every day and jobs are opening constantly. In order to seek out the right healthcare… Continue Reading →

Exercise Physiologists on the Rise with a Health Conscious America

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exercise physiologist

Many people like to keep in shape or at least exercise enough to help their health.  How would you like to combine this with your education?  With many healthcare career opportunities out in the workforce, becoming an Exercise Physiologist would be a great move toward the future. What an Exercise… Continue Reading →

Write All About It – Become a Medical Transcriptionist

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Become a medical transcriptionist

No one can magically grant you a career that is guaranteed a job.  There are many careers out there, though, that are in need of good and qualified people.  A career in the healthcare field may not guarantee you a job after graduation, but it may be pretty close to… Continue Reading →

The Technology Need in the Healthcare Field

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Do you enjoy working with computers?  Are you tech savvy?  Then you might want to consider a career in healthcare. Everywhere you turn, computers have entered all aspects of life including health care.  In today’s healthcare facilities, computers and their programs have become commonplace and as critical to their function… Continue Reading →