Telemetry Nurses to Decipher Life Sign Monitors

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telemetry nursing

There are numerous job positions available to nurses, and according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics this will only increase in the years to come.   There is not just one type of nurse but numerous careers available with a lot of different possible movement including many promising advancements. One type… Continue Reading →

Reasons to Pursue a Career in the Healthcare Field

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healthcare careers

A career is something to be taken seriously.  It is more than just any old job bringing in a paycheck; it is what some will be doing for the next 40+ years.  So, as you contemplate what you want to do for the rest of your life you must consider… Continue Reading →

Holistic Nursing a Path to the “Whole” Patient

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holistic nursing

Nursing is one of the most versatile and rewarding jobs there is.  There are so many nursing careers that it can be difficult to choose.  It is important that you ask and research nursing before settling for one.  You can work directly with patients or in an office setting.  Whichever… Continue Reading →

Blurring the Line Between Nursing and Law – Legal Nurse Consultants

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legal nurse consultant

A nurse’s job can be very rewarding, but on the other side many times it can be thankless.  When things go wrong in medical practice many healthcare professionals may come under legal fire, including nurses.  Providing legal counsel is great, but getting advice from those whose expertise lies in the… Continue Reading →

Bring in the Baby Boomers with a Bang – A Geriatric Healthcare Career

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geriatric healthcare

Seeking a career in healthcare is an extremely respectable choice to make.  Many people want a career that is respected, rewarding and one that they will enjoy.  Any choice within the field of healthcare would satisfy these qualities.  The thing one should look for is the need of a certain… Continue Reading →

Emergency Emergency – Looking for EMTs

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EMT - Emergency Medical Technician

Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and Paramedics are depended on a daily basis.  People’s lives are in their hands depending on their quick reaction and competent training they have received.  They are usually the first to arrive on a scene of many emergencies such as gunshot wounds, car accidents, heart attacks… Continue Reading →

Personal Integrity Above All in Medical Field

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healthcare career issues

You finally made it!  You received your nursing degree and just passed your license and certification exams.  You are set to start your job in healthcare.  However, take into consideration that all the right degrees and education may not be enough to get you the job.  Most hospitals hold their… Continue Reading →

Transfuse Careers – Become a Blood Bank Technology Specialist

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blood bank technology specialist

There is a vast choice in careers within the field of healthcare.  A career where one can help others on a daily basis and be respected is one that many strive for.  From medical doctor to nurse, from dentist to radiologist there is a wide-range of careers to choose from. … Continue Reading →

Top Three High Ranking Nursing Positions

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nursing career

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics nurses make up the largest workforce within the healthcare field.  There are over 2.5 million practicing nurses nationwide.  There are a vast number of different types of nurses and varying levels.  The nursing field is very complex and if you are thinking of… Continue Reading →

Wake Up to a Career as an Anesthesiologist Assistant

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anesthesiologist assistant

Due to the rising health care costs and the need for skilled personnel, there are many healthcare jobs becoming high in demand.  One of those jobs is that of an Anesthesiologist Assistant.  An anesthesiologist assistant operates as an extension of the physician and nurse performing the crucial task of ensuring… Continue Reading →