Teaching and Nursing in One as a Nurse Educator

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nurse educator

There are many forms of helping people and people and if this is what you would like to do in your career choice there is a perfect format to do so.  How about becoming a Nurse Educator?  This job combines the actual hands-on approach to helping others with that of… Continue Reading →

The World of Athletic Training

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athletic trainer

Looking for a career that combines the two very popular interests of sports and medicine or therapy?  A certified athletic trainer does just that.  Under the umbrella of Sports Medicine which focuses on improving the body’s performance, recovering from injury and preventing future injuries, a certified athletic trainer is a… Continue Reading →

Let’s Get Cracking – A Career in Chiropractic Care

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chiropractic care

Are you considering a career helping people within our healthcare system?  Would you like to become a type of licensed practitioner in a field that has vast opportunities for growth, expansion and lateral movement?  Consider a career in chiropractic care. What is Chiropractic Care? Chiropractic care is a healthcare discipline… Continue Reading →

Put Your Statistical Mind to Work, Epidemiology Career

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Become a Epidemiology

Receiving a degree in public health will make you in high demand and give you a career path that is filled with many possible advancement opportunities.  The nation’s public health workforce has received much attention and a lot of federal funding including scholarships, loan repayment programs, grants and even for… Continue Reading →

The Exciting World of Oncology Nursing

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oncology nurse

The field of nursing is very diverse containing positions that are truly wide-ranging.  One can find their niche within a nursing career be it in pediatrics, administration, home care or in so many other nursing positions.  One type of nurse is wide-ranging in itself.  It involves a little of everything… Continue Reading →

Benefits to Joining Professional Organizations

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professional organizations

Nursing is a very challenging career but by the same measure it carries great personal rewards.  There are times of stress and time when situations arise that become problematic.  Where can a nurse turn when these thing occur?  Joining professional organizations can be a highly motivating and greatly supportive place… Continue Reading →

The Things New Nurses Should Know

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Opportunities for new nurses

It goes without saying that a career in nursing is a rewarding and a much respected way to go.  Nurses can choose from a plethora of jobs within that field.  Those jobs easily coincide with your individual personality.  Those who love working with children can choose pediatric nursing and those… Continue Reading →

Nursing Specialties and Their Workplaces

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nurse jobs

Nurses work hard keeping patients comfortable and helping them by teaching ways on how to stay and/or become healthy.  Nursing responsibilities vary with the specialty that a nurse chooses to follow.  The nursing field is very diverse and can be a flexible career choice because of the different settings that… Continue Reading →

Nurses Equal Patient Advocates

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patient advocate

Choosing a career in nursing is a righteous, self-satisfying and extremely rewarding way to go.  It is a career that is looked up to and respected around the world.  Once they have a degree and have been certified, nurses take on a huge responsibility in many roles.  One major role… Continue Reading →

Become a Sonography Expert by Becoming an Ultrasound Technician

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Ultrasound technicians use ultrasound technology for various reasons.  It is an imaging technique that that uses high frequency sound waves to create a viewable image of areas in the human body.  These sound waves are sent toward the part that is being viewed then reflects off of it to create… Continue Reading →