CNA Training: Consider the Hospital Approach

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Hospital Hallway

All CNAs must receive training in order to not only prepare them for an occupation in healthcare but so that they can successfully obtain certification to practice legally within their state. There are a number of online nursing programs (and offline) that include specific programs for certified nursing assistants. However,… Continue Reading →

Pros & Cons of Nursing Diploma Programs

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The beauty of the nursing profession is that there is more than one way to get into it. The most popular options these days are attending nursing schools, where students can receive hands-on classroom instruction, participate in clinicals and prepare for the NCLEX. However, just a few decades ago, the… Continue Reading →

Pros & Cons of Receiving an Associate’s Degree in Nursing

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Because of the flexibility of training and educational paths within the nursing field, students can pick and choose their paths accordingly. Not everybody is up for the academic requirements necessary to become a registered nurse. Graduating with an ADN (Associate’s Degree in Nursing) is enough to get a person’s foot… Continue Reading →

Pros & Cons of Pursuing an Advanced Nursing Degree

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College Graduates

The nursing profession is widely respected and continues to be sought after by students with dreams of making a difference in the healthcare system and in patients’ lives. The popularity of distance learning and online nursing programs has expanded the opportunities for higher education to a number of people across… Continue Reading →

The Educational Path for Certified Nurse Midwifery

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Nursing Student

The traditional approach to college isn’t for everybody. But if the goal is to become a certified nurse midwife–commonly known as a CNM–not only is higher education required, an advanced degree is a must. In 2010 the American College of Nurse-Midwives decreed that all those wishing to become a certified… Continue Reading →

Top Nursing Careers to Choose From

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A nursing career is considered to be one of today’s sought-after careers. It is predicted to remain in demand in the next 10 years or so. Even with the high unemployment rate and economic crisis experienced in different sectors, nursing appears to be very promising. This is one reason why… Continue Reading →

Converting Your ASN to a BSN

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bachelor of science in nursing

There are many ways to go about becoming a registered nurse.  It is a matter of preference and time commitments. One degree program that is popular is going through and receiving an Associate of Science in Nursing degree.  This type of program is offered at various accredited community colleges.  Students… Continue Reading →

The All-Important Nursing Clinicals

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nursing clinicals

In many degree programs or the educational plan for various majors you will most likely not have the opportunity to have on the job training experiences.  You will experience homework, class lectures, exams and all the rest associated with a college regime.  When you enter a nursing program you will… Continue Reading →

Focusing on Prerequisites for Nursing School

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nursing school prerequisites

There is a major need for qualified nurses all over the country.  It is a healthcare career that is much needed, very much respected and a vital part of the healthcare team.  If you are considering this path, look into the prerequisites you must take to enter nursing school. The… Continue Reading →

Traditional vs. Accelerated Nursing Programs

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You have many choices when it comes to nursing schools and nursing programs associated with them.  It is important that you look into specific programs and find out if they are a good fit with you.  Make sure you consider your “life” when you make this type of choice because… Continue Reading →