Preparation for Entering Nursing School

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nursing prerequisites

Most nursing schools, especially degree programs, teach you everything you need to know for passing your licensing exam (NCLEX).  But also nursing schools require that you complete certain prerequisites before starting a nursing program.  These classes should not surprise you; they consist of your normal general education classes such as… Continue Reading →

Nursing Degree Paradise

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hawaii pacific university

A career in healthcare seems to be one of the best options when it comes not only to one where helping people is a daily occurrence, but also for future job security.  Healthcare offers a wide-range of professions and one of the top career possibilities is that of a nurse…. Continue Reading →

The Right Path into Nursing – Capella University

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Capella University

Helping others takes a real calling.  Nursing is one way to answer that calling and from there growing in the field fills your life with knowledge, prestige and a sense of fulfillment.  There are many options all over the country to receive your nursing degree.  One wonderful choice available is… Continue Reading →

A Part-time Student in a Nursing Program

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nursing student

Many people want to further their career options by continuing their education, but cannot stop their current jobs to do so.  Family obligations, debt and /or other responsibilities seem to get in the way of following your dreams.  Good news for those who want a career where they can help… Continue Reading →

California Accredited LVN Schools

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Licensed Vocational Nurse

California has some of the best schools around if you are interested in becoming a Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN).  There are many schools to choose from, but it is important that the school is certified or an accredited educational program by California’s Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians (BVNPT). … Continue Reading →

The All Respected Johns Hopkins University Nursing Program

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Johns Hopkins University

A healthcare career is a great option.  It is a career where you are actively helping others and one that is held is high regards across the country.  To achieve this, there are many options available.  One prodigious choice is that of an undergraduate program in Public Health Studies (PHS)… Continue Reading →

Is a Nursing Master’s the Way to Go?

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master of science in nursing

Becoming a nurse is a great accomplishment and the perfect start to an excellent career in healthcare.  Nurses are life-learners taking continuing education classes throughout their careers.  This is in order to continue the learning process, for recertification and to keep on top of their profession.  Now maybe consider continuing… Continue Reading →

Westward Ho! 2 Awesome Healthcare Career Schools

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healthcare schools

Looking for a great career?  Want a career that will always be needed?  How about a career where you can help others?  Consider a career in Healthcare!  In a growing healthcare industry, there are many positions available.  It is a matter of delving deeper into the different careers available.  There… Continue Reading →

What Nursing Degree Would You Like?

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nursing degrees

If you are interested in going to nursing school there are a few choices to be made before selecting a program to attend.  One of the main choices that needs to be decided on is whether to obtain an Associate in Science degree (A.S.N.) or a Bachelor of Science degree… Continue Reading →

It’s Test Time: Taking the NCLEX

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NCLEX exam

You have finished your course work in nursing school and are ready to start working as a registered nurse.  What an exciting time, but before you must become certified by taking the exam called NCLEX (National Council Licensure Examination).  Every year there are a significant number of applicants for this… Continue Reading →