3 Scholarships for Nursing Graduate Students

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Piggy Bank and Money

Earning a BSN is a big accomplishment and the route towards obtaining this type of degree isn’t easy. But what makes the nursing field such a great one is the fact that there are numerous educational paths one can follow, including an entirely different set of opportunities that come with… Continue Reading →

3 Nursing Scholarships That Go a Long Way

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Stacks of Money

Being able to apply to as many nursing scholarships as a student wants is one of the biggest saving graces when it comes to battling the costs of a nursing education. It is important to consider all financial aid opportunities, including the scholarship awards that may not be considered a… Continue Reading →

4 Scholarships for African American Nursing Students

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African American Nursing Student

Nursing students have their fair share of challenges ahead of them as they work their way towards becoming licensed professionals in the field. The cost of affording nursing school is undoubtedly one of the biggest concerns. But that is why financial aid was created. From scholarships to grants and student… Continue Reading →

4 Scholarships Nursing Students Should Know About

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Female Nursing Student

What nursing student couldn’t do without some financial aid? While taking out loans is certainly one method for affording school, receiving funds through scholarships and grants is even better because these do not have to be repaid at a later date and time like traditional student loans. Caroline E. Holt… Continue Reading →

How to Pay for Nursing School

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nursing schools

It’s undeniable that a major factor that affects one’s decision to pursue college is the tuition fee they need to pay for. For those who are from well-off families that might not be a problem unless they are too lazy to finish their studies. Meanwhile, for those are on tight… Continue Reading →

Moving Toward Specifics: Nursing Scholarships for Grads

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nursing graduate scholarships

Due to the growing number of retirees in the country, there is a great need for nurses everywhere.  Qualified nurses seem to be hard to find.  In a few years, this nursing shortage will only increase. This shortage is not only in qualified nurses, but in medical teaching staff also. … Continue Reading →

Little Research Big Pay Off: Nursing Scholarships

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nursing student scholarships

Whether you are a current nursing student or planning on enrolling in a nursing school program, there are many scholarship opportunities waiting for you.  There are scholarships that are completely merit based, meaning that your grades and test scores are a major factor.  Then there are scholarships that are available… Continue Reading →

Reaching Out for Hispanic Nurses

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hispanic nurses

The Hispanic population is the fastest growing minority group in the United States.  In contrast, out of the 2.6 million registered nurses out there, only about 2% are Hispanic.  The country has a shortage in nurses and is always looking for qualified individuals to go into this field. Many states… Continue Reading →

Thinking of Nursing Since High School

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nursing scholarships

What Should I Do While in High School? It is not a bad thing not knowing what you want to be when you “grow up.”  In fact, many college students enter school with an undeclared major.  If you are privy to knowing what you want to do while still in… Continue Reading →

How to Finance a Nursing Degree

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nursing school financing

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty, one of the main reasons you may not be in school heading toward a career in helping others is that financially it is tough.  Nursing is not for everyone in the first place, but there are many of you out there who would… Continue Reading →