Achieve a Successful Nursing Career by Not Doing These 3 Things

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Pair of Nurses

It’s no question that students learn a lot in nursing schools. From lectures to clinical rounds, students with dreams of entering the nursing field have a lot on their plates. But graduating from a great school or program doesn’t mean a new nurse’s attempt at jump starting their career will… Continue Reading →

How to Make Yourself Into the Ideal Nursing Candidate

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Group of Interviewees

Nursing schools are the first step in anyone’s journey towards becoming employed in the healthcare field. However, that part of the process only scratches the surface. After earning their degrees, it is entirely up to graduates how they’ll plan on getting into their occupation of choice. It goes without saying… Continue Reading →

Tips to Get You That Advanced Nursing Degree

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Nursing Grad Students

The process of preparing to enter offline or online nursing programs involves a lot of planning and paperwork. Individuals working towards an advanced degree in nursing can expect to have even more of a process to deal with. Undergraduate study is competitive enough but it is nothing compared to that… Continue Reading →

4 Rules of Nursing Etiquette During Clinicals

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Nurses and Doctors

The clinical portion is perhaps the most exciting part for students in online nursing programs (and offline) because it means finally getting to be around actual patients and surrounded by medical professionals in a real world environment. This phase of a student’s nursing education is a great way for them… Continue Reading →

Tips for Nurses Seeking Management Positions

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What continues to make nursing jobs so sought after in the healthcare industry is the fact that many positions allow room for advancement. Instead of being stuck in the same profession for years, taking the initiative to move up the ladder makes it possible to assume a new set of… Continue Reading →

Nurisng Tips for Taking Better Notes During Lectures

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Pen on Paper

There are a number of ways to prepare for an upcoming test. Having a reliable set of notes to refer back to is one of them. The notes students take during lecture classes oftentimes contain the meat and potatoes of what material will appear on the test. However, the only… Continue Reading →

Proper Documentation in Nursing: Why It’s Important

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Nurses are known for being experts when it comes to multitasking. However, the real challenge when it comes to doing well in nursing jobs is to perform each tasks to the best of one’s ability. Getting a lot done but doing sub par isn’t good enough to excel in the… Continue Reading →

Tips for Prioritizing Your Nursing Shift

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Although clinicals and other out-of-the-classroom experiences help to bridge the gap between nursing schools and medical facilities, stepping onto the floor as a new nurse still comes with a lot of intimidation and stress. It makes sense that new nurses want to make sure they’re doing everything right but oftentimes… Continue Reading →

Better Than Note Cards: How to Create More Effective Study Materials

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Students Looking at Study Materials

Note cards have–and always will be–the staple of any student’s study efforts. It is a tried and true method for helping with memorization and organizing subject matter that will likely appear on upcoming tests and exams. Those enrolled in traditional and online nursing schools know that by the time they… Continue Reading →

Tap Into Your Senses for Improved Study Sessions in Nursing

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Students in Lecture

Any nursing student knows that pursuing an education in the healthcare field will require them to absorb tons of information. Study sessions play a vital role in helping students accomplish this goal but not everyone has the best study habits or methods. There is more to understanding lecture material than… Continue Reading →