Tips for Nursing Students With Households to Run

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Family Relaxing at Home

Not all nursing students are young adults with no strings attached. Students enrolled in online nursing programs, as well as traditional offline programs, run the gamut from age, economic status and walks of life. It is no longer uncommon for nursing students to be older and with families of their… Continue Reading →

4 Signs New Nurses Should Look for in Future Employers

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Female Nurse

Graduating from nursing school is a big accomplishment and opens up the door for new nurses to search for opportunities within the healthcare system. However, many believe that new nurses should be willing to take on whatever position they can get, wherever they can get them. The truth is that… Continue Reading →

5 Survival Tips for New Nurses

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Group of Nurses

Nursing schools do a great job of preparing students for what to expect when they step into a real medical facility. Of course they can’t prepare them for everything that will be encountered during the course of their careers. It can take a while for new nurses to really feel… Continue Reading →

Heart & Sole: Choosing the Right Nursing Shoes

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Nurses Wearing Shoes at Work

Because all types of nurses spend a majority of time on their feet, it is essential to practice good foot care. The best way to ensure this is with proper footwear. Instead of neglecting this seemingly small aspect, it is important for all nurses, especially those fresh out of school,… Continue Reading →

3 Common Nursing Related Injuries & How to Prevent Them

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Nurse in Office

Being a nurse involves more than taking care of patients. It is a very demanding career: spending hours on their feet, multitasking, heavy lifting, etc. All of these duties and tasks does take its toll on the body over time. Occupational injuries happen across the board and affect employees in… Continue Reading →

Tips for Improving Communication Between Nurses & Patients

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Nurse Helping Patient

Of all the job skills out there, communication ranks at the top of the list as the most important to have. Regardless of industry, proper communication between departments, staff and clients is what guarantees that a business runs smoothly and produces quality results. The healthcare field, in particular, relies on… Continue Reading →

Nursing Burnout: What It Is & How to Prevent It

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Tired Woman

Not all nursing careers are exactly the same but they do tend to have one thing in common: burnout. This term is often applied to college students but is relevant to the working world as well. Veteran nurses have most likely experienced this throughout their careers but new nurses might… Continue Reading →

How to Effectively Handle Work Related Stress in Nursing

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Stressed Out Woman

Stress in the workplace is nothing new. In fact, it’s almost as commonplace as gossip and no industry is immune–nursing included. The multitasking, high pressure nature of nursing jobs pretty much guarantees some level of stress whether a nurse is new or has spent years in their profession. While stress… Continue Reading →

Tips for Succeeding in Nursing Clinicals

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Nurse Helping Patient

Attending nursing school means more than just sitting in classes and learning about the human body. It means the chance to participate in clinicals, which is the hands-on portion of a nursing student’s education. Clinicals is where students get to take what they’ve learned from instructors and apply it to… Continue Reading →

3 Networking & Etiquette Tips for New Nurses

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Nurses at Conference

New nurses in their first jobs out of school have a lot of new territory ahead of them to cover. This doesn’t just apply to the actual job skills, either. Among many important factors, networking and displaying proper etiquette in the workplace are two such areas where new nurses can… Continue Reading →