3 Interview Mistakes All New Nurses Should Avoid

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New Nursing Graduates

One of the many benefits of entering the nursing field is that there are a variety of types of nurses, which means a variety of suitable job openings at any number of medical facilities. Of course it still takes effort to actually snag the job. Successfully handling the interview is… Continue Reading →

3 Reality Checks for Nursing Students

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Nursing Student with Books

Reality checks are never fun but for students already going through the challenging task of earning degrees from nursing schools, they are necessary for putting things into perspective and helping students make the right choices for their careers in the future. Schools can only prepare its students for so much…. Continue Reading →

Tips for Avoiding the Hiring Slump in Nursing

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Happy Nurse

Hiring slump? What hiring slump? It might be hard to believe but in some parts of the country, the promised abundance of nursing jobs hasn’t quite hit yet. In fact, there are areas where hospitals aren’t hiring at all. So what’s the deal? It is true that the United States… Continue Reading →

New Nurses: What to Do When No One Is Hiring

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Person Looking for Work

With the excitement and buzz around the nursing careers and other healthcare professions continuing to grow in demand all across the country, it may be hard to believe that anyone graduating with a degree in nursing would have trouble securing employment. But it does happen and more frequently than the… Continue Reading →

4 Tips to Help Male Nurses Succeed

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Group of Male Nurses

The idea of a “male nurse” used to be a concept that got snickers from people. Thankfully, male nurses are no longer the butt of many jokes. In fact, the number of men going into the nursing profession has steadily risen over the years. However, just as women have their… Continue Reading →

4 Myths About Nursing School

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Nursing Students Observing

Myths tend to become attached to almost any subject and occupations are no exception–even nursing. Students preparing to attend nursing school will want to make sure they have the most accurate information about the industry and the new territory they’ll be entering…that means debunking myths. Myth #1: Nursing School Is… Continue Reading →

Pros & Cons of Being a Nurse in a Traditional Hospital

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Hospital Lobby

Despite the many different types of nurses there are in the healthcare industry, the hospital is the most common place where they all apply for work after finishing nursing school. These large facilities are able to house and employ a large number of nurses, physicians and other healthcare related staff…. Continue Reading →

Pros & Cons of Being a Nurse in Private Practice

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Nurse in Pharmacy

Newly graduated nurses seeking employment have their fair share of options to choose from. Nursing jobs can be found at regular public hospitals, clinics, schools and at the government level, to name a few. Private practice is another area where nurses might find themselves employed. However, private practice is very… Continue Reading →

3 Tips to Prepare for a Career as a Midwife

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Nurse Playing with Baby

The term “midwife” is a very old one that dates back to Biblical times. With the advancements in medical technology and healthcare, the education, training and credentials required to become a certified nurse midwife has changed dramatically to ensure the highest quality of patient care. Individuals wishing to find themselves… Continue Reading →

Understanding Nursing Entrance Exams

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Students Study Group

Before students can step foot inside a nursing school, they have to deal with the entrance exams. As with any type of test, it can be intimidating for students to get a grasp as to what to expect and what they need to study in order to prepare. Similar to… Continue Reading →