How to Make Study Group Sessions 100% Effective

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Students Studying Together

Given the amount of information and data students must learn during their years in nursing schools, it’s no wonder that a majority of the time outside of the classroom is dedicated to studying. From memorizing medical terminology and understanding the relationship between medication and health conditions, students often have to… Continue Reading →

4 Must-Have Apps for Nursing Students Doing Clinicals

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Nurse taking blood pressure.

Hitting the books and absorbing tons of information about biology, physiology and anatomy (among many others) is a regular part of any nursing student’s routine. However, the clinical portion of the curriculum challenges students to take what they’ve learned in the classroom and apply it to a real world setting…. Continue Reading →

4 Apps Just for Nursing Students

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Students Studying

Not all apps are just for playing games, finding good restaurants or the cheapest gas. Many of the latest apps are being developed specifically for the college age demographic. Evernote is one of the most notable apps that virtually any student with an iPhone or Android device has used at… Continue Reading →

4 Factors to Think About When Choosing a Preceptorship Program

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Medical Professionals

The process of selecting preceptorship programs is just as important as selecting nursing schools. Not every program or school is a good fit for a student, which is why all factors should be taken into consideration when identifying relevant choices. Instead of jumping at the first preceptorship program a student… Continue Reading →

How to Guarantee Success During a Preceptorship Program

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Nursing Students

Succeeding in a preceptorship program can make all the difference in how well a nursing student can go on to do once they’ve graduated and are ready to begin applying for nursing jobs. Below are some important factors students should consider when taking on a preceptorship program if they want… Continue Reading →

Understanding the Role of a Nursing Preceptor

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Nurse Helping Patient

Nursing students face many tasks as they learn the skills necessary to enter the healthcare industry as licensed professionals. Perhaps one of the most difficult aspects of this process is making the transition from being a student in a classroom to a nurse in training in an actual medical facility…. Continue Reading →

The Benefits of Attending Nursing Conferences

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Conference Attendees During Lecture

The great thing about becoming a nurse is that it is entirely up to each individual as to whether they prefer to be content in their current position or want to take the steps towards career advancement. In most cases, nurses aim to move up higher in their profession, which… Continue Reading →

4 Tips for First-Year Nursing Job Success

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New Nurses

Entering the medical field as a first-year nurse can be exciting and stressful all at the same time. Getting hired is a huge accomplishment but that doesn’t mean things will stay rosy from that point on. It is important for first-year nurses to take heed of the following tips, which… Continue Reading →

How to Prepare for NCLEX

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prepare for nclex

After years of hard work in nursing school you finally graduated and now about to take the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX). The question is, are you ready for the real thing? Are you prepared to take the very critical exam that will most likely determine your future? Certainly, you… Continue Reading →

Choosing a Nursing School

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be a nurse

You’ve finally decided to take one step closer to your dream of becoming a nurse. You will now be choosing a nursing school to enroll and get educated. But well, where are you going to start? Do you think choosing a nursing school would be that easy?  Think about this,… Continue Reading →