Nursing Student Guide: How to Survive Nursing

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nursing survival tips

There are clashing opinions with regards to the difficulty of pursuing nursing. Some say it’s very difficult, while others say it’s a matter of getting your heart into it. One thing’s for sure, being a student is not easy but it can be an enjoyable and fulfilling experience once you… Continue Reading →

Best Study Practices for Nursing Students

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Once you decide to pursue nursing in college, you should prepare yourself for the challenges you’re going to encounter. It won’t be easy but it’s definitely worth it! Like any other major, nursing should be taken seriously. It is not just about the high pay you will earn, but it’s… Continue Reading →

Pre, Post and During Your Interview

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nursing interview

After graduating and getting your certification to be a registered nurse, your focus becomes getting a job.  Nursing is a highly skilled profession that takes organization, patience and compassion.  You want all of these skills to be apparent at any and all interviews that you are called for.  At any… Continue Reading →

Time Management an All-Important Factor as a Nursing Student

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time management

It is no secret that nursing school is not easy.  Time is precious between care plans, clinical rotations, exam, lectures and all of the reading assignments.  You also have to consider your home-life, family and maybe work.  This is what a nursing student faces, so proper time management is critical… Continue Reading →

Knowledge is Key, but Application is Expected: Nursing Exams

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nursing exams

When you are in nursing school you are immersed in every nuance that each class has to offer.  Most of the exams that you will be experiencing are for the most part designed to prepare you for the NCLEX examination.  Realize that questions will not be straight forward and may… Continue Reading →

New Nurses Listen Up

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tips for nurses

Searching through the internet you run into a lot of advice on a plethora of subjects.  Looking specifically for nursing advice, many experienced nurses offer great suggestions for newly graduated and novice nurses.  And to try to enjoy your career and avoid that ever-increasing burnout feeling that many nurses start… Continue Reading →

Start Your New Nursing Job Right

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new nurse

Finishing your education as a nurse and ready to start a new job brings on a lot of excitement and at the same time nervousness.  You may feel a bit uncertain or anxious, but rest assured you were trained well and are ready for the challenges ahead.  To help you… Continue Reading →

Relax: Nursing and Stress Go Hand in Hand

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stress management

As a nurse, a nursing student, or even a nurse’s assistant, there is no way to avoid the stresses of a daily routine.  Many will be working long hours, with exhausting patients, and overall have a non-stop day being on the move all day.  Nurses give 100 percent of themselves… Continue Reading →

Enhance that Nursing Career of Yours

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nursing career

Nursing is an excellent career choice.  Opportunities are abound for all level of nurses.  Searching for jobs can be time consuming only for the fact of choosing which job fits you.  Many nurses are very comfortable with their current jobs, but there are a few ways you can enhance that… Continue Reading →

Before Your Nursing Interview

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nurse interview

You have learned a lot during your education in Nursing School.  With all the hours you put into your course work and clinicals, you are ready to start your first job.  In order to get that job you have to do the footwork meaning filling out those applications and going… Continue Reading →