Don’t Forget your Nursing Clinical Etiquette

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nursing clinicals

Nursing is a great career to enter, especially to those who truly want to help others.  In nursing school, keep your mind focused on your course work and clinical work.  As a student, study hard, but do not overdo it to the point that you forget your etiquette.  During your… Continue Reading →

Preparing for those Nursing Program Clinicals

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nursing clinicals

As all nursing students know a lot of work goes into becoming a nurse.  Coursework can feel a bit overwhelming and then of course there are the clinicals that have to be taken.  Clinicals are where nursing students can begin putting their knowledge to work.  Thinking about starting them can… Continue Reading →

Nursing and Social Media

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social media and nursing

All over the world you see the use of social media.  People using their smartphones to update profiles, others using their laptop to find directions and many more uses of that social media to keep in touch with just about everything and everyone.  Nurses are no exceptions.  The proper use… Continue Reading →

What All Nurses Should Know but Can’t Be Taught

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nursing traits

Full of rewards and praise, satisfying and fulfilling is what a career in nursing offers.  It is not an easy job; just ask any nurse you know.  After finishing nursing school and passing the NCLEX, you are ready to start a great career in nursing.  Or are you?  This job… Continue Reading →

What Nursing School Students Should Know

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nursing student advice

Doing some research on various nursing schools, you run across many sites offering potential and current students very good advice.  The following is an accumulation of useful advice for nursing students.  Nursing programs can become a bit overwhelming and you may forget about a few of the simplest and, in some… Continue Reading →

Wake Up for Those Nursing Night Shift Tips

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night shift nurse

Congratulations!  You made it through a rigorous nursing program and passed the NCLEX and have a job.  Your career as a registered nurse has begun. Your new job may schedule you to work the night shift, so you might want to start saving up that sleep in order to get… Continue Reading →

Planting the Seed of a Healthy Lifestyle

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nursing tips

A nurse’s job is not easy.  They have many duties to perform and long hours to work.  On the bright side it is a career that is very rewarding and held in high regards.  Nurses are in a great position to help improve people’s lives.  Nurses can influence their patients’… Continue Reading →

Study Tips for the Nursing Student

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study tips for nursing students

You are back in school, nursing school, and whether you are freshly out of high school or on a career change path, you may find yourself a bit overwhelmed.  After viewing your course outlines you wonder how you are going to be able to keep up with all the work. … Continue Reading →

Healthcare Soft Skills Need Tweaking

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healthcare soft skills

If you are a nurse, a doctor, a hospital technician or any other healthcare professional, we can pretty much rest assured that you have had the appropriate education for your position.  Where there may be a slight problem is the lack of teaching in the area of “soft skills.” “Soft… Continue Reading →

Speaking with Patients Not At Them

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speaking with patients

As a doctor, a nurse or another healthcare professional, you have probably encountered patients who you feel do not tell you everything they need to in order to help them.  The patient may be embarrassed or a tad shy to tell you something such as they are not taking their… Continue Reading →