Teamwork and Nursing Go Hand in Hand Don’t Ruin It

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nurse teamwork

Many jobs take a great deal of teamwork for a smooth and efficient running institution and nursing is no exception.  It has been proven that the rewards are greater when people work toward common goals in cooperation of each other.  Think about it in terms of quality care.  Teamwork improves… Continue Reading →

Is a Career in Healthcare the Right Choice For You?

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healthcare career

As you finish high school or consider a change in careers, think about your abilities, needs and hopes and then weigh in your choices.  Think about joining a worthwhile and rewarding career in healthcare.    There are numerous careers in healthcare that just may be the perfect fit for you.  Here… Continue Reading →

Nursing Student Radical Resources

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nursing resources

You have just finished high school or you are looking for a career change and you know you want where you can help people.  There are plenty of jobs where this is possible, but there is one that not only is self-rewarding, it also has a wide variety of sub… Continue Reading →

Take Care of Yourself In Order to Take Care of Others

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health and nursing

A nurse is a great caretaker, taking care of their patients with the utmost attention.  Now when it comes to a nurse’s own health care, how careful or attentive are they?  When you take care of your own health, you can better take care of others.  As a nurse, leading… Continue Reading →