4 Myths About Online Nursing Schools

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People on Laptops

Choosing to approach nursing school via the distance learning method has its pros and cons but is also subject to misleading myths. There is nothing wrong with this educational method but for students to know whether or not it is a good fit for their learning needs and preferences, it… Continue Reading →

Benefits You Get from Online Learning

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online learning

Up until now, online education has continuously been rising up the ladder when it comes to offering quality education to potential and interested students. Some universities are even threatened by the number of students that are getting interested in taking online courses. On the other hand, there are brick and… Continue Reading →

Online Nursing Masters: Nebraska Methodist College

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Nebraska Methodist College

Looking for a convenient way to earn your Bachelor of Science in Nursing?  Nebraska Methodist College offers an RN-BSN program that might be your ticket for an enriching learning experience.  Through this program all classroom courses are done online.  Of course clinicals are still part of the curriculum and can… Continue Reading →

The Ins and Outs of Online Nursing Programs

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online nursing program

Online Nursing Programs Are you a nurse considering returning to school for a higher degree or are you finishing high school and are looking into nursing school?  Have you considered completing your degree online?  Online programs are a great way to fit in that all important education in your busy… Continue Reading →

Online Nursing Choice with Walden University

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Walden University

Walden University offers a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Completion Program.  This program is designed for registered nurses who would like to earn a BSN.  There are many reasons in obtaining a BSN such as increasing knowledge, to learn specialized skills, and of course to assist in future career… Continue Reading →

Plenty of Reasons to Complete an Online Nursing Program

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online nursing program

Are you looking to become a nurse to help others and because there seems to be a need for nurses all over the country?  Both are great reasons, now the difficulty comes into play, where to obtain your degree.  There are nursing schools all over the country waiting for students,… Continue Reading →

Online Nursing Schools: The New Approach to Nursing Education

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Online Nursing Schools

In the pursuit of a rewarding and fulfilling career in the nursing field, education is a priority. With the ever changing demands of the medical industry, such as the advancements in medical science and upholding the standards of patient care, it is vital that future nurses receive the proper. However,… Continue Reading →

Popular Online Nursing Classes

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Online Nursing Classes

Being a nurse of any kind requires extensive training and preparation. Regardless of the degree being pursued, students can expect to be introduced to a wide variety of nursing related topics. For those choosing to complete online nursing classes, this approach is not only convenient and cost-effective, but a great… Continue Reading →