CNA Training: Consider the Hospital Approach

September 20, 2013 in Nursing Programs

Hospital Hallway

All CNAs must receive training in order to not only prepare them for an occupation in healthcare but so that they can successfully obtain certification to practice legally within their state. There are a number of online nursing programs (and offline) that include specific programs for certified nursing assistants. However, registering for such a program isn’t the only option to choose from.

Hospitals are another place where future CNAs can receive their training from. Not all hospitals offer this form of education so it might require some further research but for those who do happen to live near a medical facility that provides CNA training, the benefits are certainly numerous.


In most instances, hospitals that offer their own training programs for certified nursing assistants don’t charge fees for enrollment. With no fees to worry about, this makes it much easier for interested individuals to dedicate themselves to their training. That means no need to deal with financial aid.

Some hospitals even cover the fees related to registering for and taking the CNA exam. In the long run, this saves students a lot of money, compared to signing up for a traditional CNA training program, which can range from a few hundred dollars to well over $1,000, which might not include the exam fee.

Extensive, Hands-on Experience

In general, hospital CNA training programs last longer in duration, compared to signing up for a traditional program. Although this means spending more time in training, it does provide students with a much more in depth educational experience. Working alongside healthcare professionals in an actual medical setting means being exposed to the latest technologies, procedures and methodologies and understanding the inner workings of a hospital.

With such a hands-on approach, students will feel more confident in their abilities once they’ve passed the CNA exam and are on the floor interacting with patients. Additionally, because they go on to work in the same facility where they received their training, they have the benefit of working in a familiar environment with staff they already know. There isn’t much uncharted territory to cover in this kind of situation.

Job Security

Entering into a CNA hospital training program typically comes with the understanding and promise that upon completion of the program and obtaining their certification/license, the new CNA will agree to be employed at the same hospital they received their education/training from.

The length of employment is usually a minimum of one (1) year but is ultimately determined by the hospital itself. It is this agreement between the two parties that allows the individual to receive free instruction and to have any related fees paid for them in the first place.

How to Find Hospital CNA Training Programs

One of the best ways is to call local hospitals in the area to find out if such a training program is available. If not, ask for the names of other medical facilities or for resources where you can find this type of information. Contacting someone at your state’s nursing board is another effective way to find out which hospitals have CNA training programs.

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