Focusing on Prerequisites for Nursing School

November 6, 2012 in Nursing Programs

nursing school prerequisites

There is a major need for qualified nurses all over the country.  It is a healthcare career that is much needed, very much respected and a vital part of the healthcare team.  If you are considering this path, look into the prerequisites you must take to enter nursing school.

The road to becoming a registered nurse starts before you enter a nursing program.  There are certain courses you must take before you start.  Be sure to investigate which courses are prerequisite at specific schools.  Some may differ.  Most schools do have a common course load expectation in which some course may take longer than others, so make sure to do your research and start early.  Many of the classes involved may already be under your belt and if that is the case, you are off to a great start.

Sciences:  The most common science courses needed to enter nursing school are:  chemistry, anatomy and physiology, microbiology and nutrition.  Depending where you take these prerequisites, you may have to take certain courses that lead up to these.  For example, a school may require you to take a lower division biology class before you take anatomy and physiology or you may have to take a certain level of math before you enroll in chemistry.  So keep this in mind as you take those nursing school prerequisites.

English:  English classes are the staples of most courses.  It is important that a nurse knows how to effectively communicate verbally and on paper.  English course prepare students to read critically and compose basic papers.  Schools usually require two semesters or one year of English.  These classes usually do not require a prior class like the sciences.

Math and Statistics:  Math skills are also essential in a registered nurse’s job.  We do not want accidental over or under dosing of patients, do we?  Depending on the school general education requirements, you may take one or two semesters of math.  Statistics is sometimes required to help students understand published research results and it may be geared directly to nursing.

Behavioral Science:  There various classes that help students understand the behavior of an individual or society in general.  Psychology course do not require a pre-course and can be accomplished in one semester.  Sociology and anthropology are two other courses that may be required and if not are good classes to have experience in.  They help show relationships in a general population.  For these classes, having an English class complete should be enough to enroll in either one.

Again, these are the basic courses that are pretty common prerequisites to nursing school, but make sure to research the school you are interested in and get the information first hand.

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