How to Prepare for NCLEX

February 21, 2013 in Nursing TIps

prepare for nclex

After years of hard work in nursing school you finally graduated and now about to take the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX). The question is, are you ready for the real thing? Are you prepared to take the very critical exam that will most likely determine your future? Certainly, you will need some boost and tips to prepare yourself before taking the NCLEX.

There are two types of NCLEX, the NCLEX-RN which is for those who want to become a registered nurse and the NCLEX-PN for those who finished practical or vocational nursing and want to become a licensed practical nurse or licensed vocational nurse.

Taking the exam would mean being seriously prepared for it without any hesitation. You must be able to choose right answers to the questions and reach the not lower than the passing mark. A couple of tips especially from those who already took and passed NCLEX can help you prepare for it. We also got some tips to help you out.

Take the test as soon as you’re ready
According to statistics, nursing graduates who took the NCLEX exam within 30 days after they finished nursing school got a higher passing rate compared to those who took it later than a month’s time. But then, before you decide to take the exam it is best to make sure you are overall ready. No issues, no problems or no other commitments can hinder or prevent you from focusing on the exam.

Choose the right review course for you
A lot of review courses are being offered by different companies to help graduates prepare for this very important NCLEX exam. It is best to take the right review course that can really help you prepare to answer the questions on the NCLEX exam. Choose a review course that suits your budget, learning style and primary focus. You’re primary focus should be the topics that are difficult for you to understand or remember.

Schedule your review and study time wiselynursing book
Set a convenient time and days for you to study as well as attend any review class that you joined in. At times, that you feel stressed and tired of studying, you should give yourself a break. Spend a few minutes to take a rest, an hour or so to play your favorite sport or any activity you love doing. Never push yourself to study if you’re not up for it. Let’s say 5 days a week for about 3 hours to study and practice answering questions that are relevant or may come up.

Check the test plan ahead of time
Make sure to read the test plan ahead and even before you start reviewing for NCLEX. These test plans are created by The National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) and revised every 3 years. These will help you know the scope and topics that will be included in the licensure exam.

Get tips from previous test takers preferably from those who passed
It’ll help if you talk to previous test takers who were to able to pass the NCLEX. They can give you tips and information to help lessen your anxiety about the upcoming exam.

Keep on answering NCLEX practice questions exam passed
You should keep on taking NCLEX practice exams and answer a lot of questions that enhance your critical thinking skills. When you practice answering multiple choice questions, you will feel more comfortable and this can truly help you answer questions on the actual exam faster and easier.

Stay calm, be confident

Of course, it might sound impossible to stay calm but if you learn to be confident about yourself and seek help from an outside source like a review class or help from previous takers, then that’ll do the trick. Don’t get worried if you don’t pass the first time you take the exam, you can always re-take it. Just give it your best shot and aim to pass.

Sleep early the night before the exam and make sure to wear comfortable clothes as well on the day of your exam.

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