Matching Your Personality with the Right Nursing Job

April 16, 2014 in Medical Careers

Nurse Helping Patient

Knowing where one fits in when it comes to nursing is super important. Not only does this decision help determine which nursing schools a person will apply to, it also improves the odds of being successful once they’ve gotten into the field. Of course there are the run-of-the-mill approaches to figuring out which nursing niche should be pursued but to make doubly sure that the specialty chosen is the right one, it takes more than simply knowing whether a person wants to interact with children, the elderly, pregnant women or the terminally ill, among other types of patients.

Each nursing position comes with its own territory, environment, patients and staff. The physicians, nurses and other medical personnel really do vary from setting to setting. Taking this into account is another reason why aspiring nurses should take care to think about the type of work environment they would consider to be ideal.

The best nurses are those who don’t just show up for the paycheck. It goes without saying that matching a nursing job with personality type is a very effective way to tackle such a decision. But it involves digging deep and being honest about what types of people and atmospheres you truly thrive in.

Individuals who live for a challenge, enjoy having to think on their feet and who hate anything “routine” may find themselves unhappy working in a traditional hospital setting. Although no two days are exactly the same at hospitals and clinics, a lot of the job involves performing very routine tasks and procedures. A better fit for someone who needs an adrenaline rush to go with their nursing expertise? A few ideal matches could include becoming a travel nurse, military nurse or emergency nurse.

Although the traditional hospital or clinic is oftentimes where many nurses find themselves, these aren’t the only places of employment out there. People who want to get into nursing in order to make a real difference in the lives of others and serve as a support system might find their calling working in a rehabilitation center. Patients in this setting rely on the constant presence of their nurses and is a special situation where new faces aren’t constantly being brought in and out on a regular basis.

Wanting to work with children is another goal for many working towards their nursing degree. However, this niche isn’t just limited to pediatrics. There are special units like the NICU, which call for a nurse’s utmost attention and painstaking eye for detail. Those with OCD who gravitate towards tedious tasks will do well in such an environment, while others who find handling newborns to be too stressful may want to stick with traditional pediatric patients.

Nurses are required to be strong emotionally but if the thought of losing a patient seems like it would be too much to bear, specializing in a surgical unit or working with terminally ill patients would obviously not be a good fit. A position in the ICU or working in private practice could be a more suitable option.

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