Nursing Student Guide: How to Survive Nursing

December 23, 2012 in Nursing TIps

nursing survival tips

There are clashing opinions with regards to the difficulty of pursuing nursing. Some say it’s very difficult, while others say it’s a matter of getting your heart into it. One thing’s for sure, being a student is not easy but it can be an enjoyable and fulfilling experience once you get the hang of it.

You can make your nursing study easy by getting tips from former nursing students who are now successful in their careers. You can also get valuable info from a college resource that you can find online.

In order to finish nursing with flying colors and get a job fast, you need to know what can help you survive the program.

Cooperate and Be Active

Be active and cooperate in classroom activities. Do raise your hand and participate also in class during oral recitations. This helps you absorb plenty of information so you don’t have to do a research like others do

Overcome Shyness

Stop being shy, mingle with other students. You can enjoy this course if you always shy away from the crowd and prefer to be alone. At times, you will surely need the help of other people and of course you must be willing to help to. So, befriend them all.

Be Known to Your Instructorsnursing school

Make sure that all your instructors know you. Your name should get marked on their heads. This means to say that you have to get out of your shell and be known not only to your classmates but to your instructors.

Prepare Yourself in All Aspects.

Before you enter nursing or decide to take a health care course, you should be emotionally, physically and mentally prepared. You should have known by now that nurses have a shifting   schedule and there are times that you’ll be assigned at night. Know also that a healthy body and a sound mind are very important for nursing students to be successful nurses someday.

Get Into Sports or Other Activities

Get into sports or do what you like most whenever you get a chance. You should find an activity or sport that you love which can help you relax after a tiring day in school or after a very difficult exam. Take a break every time you find the urge to relax.

Manage Your Time Well

Know your priorities and manage your time well based on what your goals and priorities are.  You should always arrive in class on time to avoid cramming which can get you out of focus. Find time to study with a group. This can help each of you to brainstorm and share your knowledge to others.

student volunteer

Be Ready to Volunteer Anytime.

Practice volunteerism and be ready to volunteer at any given opportunity. Keep in mind that “experience is the best teacher” and by gaining a lot experience you’ll have the edge of surviving fast and easily in college.

Apart from the above-mentioned survival tips, you should also do a research before taking the course and throughout schooling. Remember also to avoid arguing with instructors. You can ask questions to clarify matters but never show disrespect to your professor through an argument.

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