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September 25, 2012 in Online Classes

Nebraska Methodist College

Looking for a convenient way to earn your Bachelor of Science in Nursing?  Nebraska Methodist College offers an RN-BSN program that might be your ticket for an enriching learning experience.  Through this program all classroom courses are done online.  Of course clinicals are still part of the curriculum and can be arranged to be done at a nearby location.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

This program is perfect for those Registered Nurses who wish to continue working as they pursue their Bachelor of Science degree in nursing.  This type of program provides the most minimal disruption possible to a RN’s work schedule.

In today’s day and times, the growing need for Registered Nurses to obtain their BSN is becoming increasingly important.  Its importance becomes clear as Nurses need to keep pace with the complex issues surrounding healthcare and understand the new technologies and information being shared and focused on patient care.  Plus, advancing in career or furthering a nurse’s studies toward a graduate degree is definitely helpful in various aspects.

The instruction at Nebraska Methodist College is of top notch.  The faculty is considered to be among the best instructors in healthcare.  This same faculty is the one that develops and teaches the coursework at the college.

Nebraska Methodist College has up-to-date curriculum and also exposes its students to new perspectives and approaches to nursing.  Even though online, students interact and network with other students making it a true learning environment within the virtual realm.

Having available the opportunity to complete a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree online is truly convenient and an option that is highly sought after in the nursing profession.

Master of Science in Nursing

Another great option from Nebraska Methodist College is a Master of Science in Nursing, also available entirely online.  There are actually two options for this degree’s concentration:  Nurse Educator and Nurse Executive.  The Nurse Educator is for nurses who want to teach other nurses or even move into the research aspect of nursing.  The Nurse Executive track is nurses interested in the business and management side of healthcare.  Both degrees lend to a career concentrating in the supervisory facet in nursing which is becoming much needed in today’s healthcare system.


All courses are 5 week in duration, with a one week break in between courses.  The courses are entirely online with the material accessible 24/7.  Students can login and complete coursework at any time, giving students control of their schooling and more freedom when it comes to their schedule.  Courses are taken one at a time allowing students to give their undivided attention to each course and separating each subject for a period of time.

Nebraska Methodist College has been teaching online for 15 years and has offered advanced nursing degrees online for 10 years.  The faculty’s experience and knowledge makes this college perfect for providing learning models that are tailored for working healthcare professionals.

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