Plenty of Reasons to Complete an Online Nursing Program

August 26, 2012 in Online Classes

online nursing program

Are you looking to become a nurse to help others and because there seems to be a need for nurses all over the country?  Both are great reasons, now the difficulty comes into play, where to obtain your degree.  There are nursing schools all over the country waiting for students, but for various reasons you have not applied.  Have you considered completing an online nursing program?

Online nursing programs appear to be on the rise everywhere you turn.  It is a terrific way to get your nursing education.  Students across the country are choosing to complete nursing programs online.  Here are a few reasons why to consider this for you.

Nursing ShortageAs the population begins to age, more and more highly-skilled nurses are being needed.  Earning your nursing degree online, you will be ready to meet this growing need.  According to the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics, within a ten year period the employment of RNs is expected to grow 26 percent.  This is a faster than average rate for all occupations.

Time Management:  With an online nursing program there are options when it comes to your time scheduling.  You can pursue an associate’s degree (two-year program) or four-year bachelor’s degree in nursing.  Many employers now are leaning toward hiring nurses with BSN, but there are plenty of options for RNs with associate degrees.

Higher Education Options:  If you have an associate or bachelor degree, you can continue on online to a higher level.  Many online schools offer master’s degree and doctoral degree programs in nursing.  You also have options when it comes to specialization.  The ways to specialize are in type of treatment, specific health conditions, working with one or more organs or body system types, or working with a well-defined population.

Flexibility:  For this reason alone, many choose to get an online nursing degree.  Many have to work as they try and complete their education; there is no getting around it at times.  An online nursing degree will allow for this.  As you work as an RN, or anything else, you can further your education obtaining that bachelor’s or other degree.  Online nursing programs let you set your own schedule.

AccreditationOnline nursing programs receive their accreditation in the same way that traditional campuses do.  They must meet the same educational standards that “regular” campuses must meet.  This means that you are not getting less quality in your education by choosing an online program.

Create your own Learning Environment:  Since you are not in a traditional classroom, but in your own home, you can create a “space” for yourself that will help you focus and learn.

Savings:  Not having to drive back and forth to school or live on campus, you are saving a lot of money.  Room, board, gas and much more can be avoided when you are attending nursing school online.

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