Popular Online Nursing Classes

February 8, 2012 in Online Classes

Online Nursing Classes

Being a nurse of any kind requires extensive training and preparation. Regardless of the degree being pursued, students can expect to be introduced to a wide variety of nursing related topics. For those choosing to complete online nursing classes, this approach is not only convenient and cost-effective, but a great way to obtain a degree from anyplace that has a solid Internet connection. Below are just a few of the most popular online nursing classes and their course descriptions.


Online nursing classes focusing on pharmacology are essential for students because even if they are not interested in becoming pharmacists, as a licensed nurse they will be coming into contact and dealing with prescription medication. Pharmacology courses teach students how to properly prepare and safely administer prescription drugs to patients, as well as recognize the signs of adverse side effects. Basic knowledge of commonly prescribed drugs and what they do is also covered.


Future nurses can benefit greatly in their careers by taking online nursing classes that center around the topic of nutrition. Common subjects students will be introduced to include the concept of weight management, what factors contribute to poor health, the components that make up a proper diet, how the human metabolism works, the importance of meal planning and working one-on-one with patients with certain health conditions that can be improved by implementing proper nutrition.

Human Physiology

Because licensed nurses interact with patients on a daily basis, it is crucial that they know and understand the various ways in which the human body operates. There are a large number of online nursing classes offered by schools that deal with this subject. This particular course contains a lot of information for students to absorb, such as learning how different systems work within the human body (i.e. the skeletal system, digestive system, reproductive system, nervous system and respiratory system, to name a few). Not only do students learn how proper functioning of the human body works, they also gain knowledge as to how certain conditions affect the body and the ways in which each system responds to illness and injury.

Mental Health

Not all patients nurses care for are of a sound mind. Online nursing classes for mental health prepare students for how to deal with individuals suffering from mental illness, as well as gain in depth knowledge as to how the human mind works. Psychiatric care is another common subject discussed in this course. Additionally, students are introduced to the concepts and theories of how factors such as stress, disease and injury can affect a person’s mental health.

Nursing Practices

In order for students to gain an overall understanding of what will be expected of them once they enter the workforce, online nursing classes like Nursing Practices serve the purpose of educating students about the basics required of this job title. From learning the latest applicable technologies and practices for short/long-term patient care to operating in various medical settings, students are given both a classroom and hands-on glimpse into a day in the life of a nurse.

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