Tap Into Your Senses for Improved Study Sessions in Nursing

September 18, 2013 in Nursing TIps

Students in Lecture

Any nursing student knows that pursuing an education in the healthcare field will require them to absorb tons of information.

Study sessions play a vital role in helping students accomplish this goal but not everyone has the best study habits or methods. There is more to understanding lecture material than just taking thorough notes. Whether they realize it or not, students enrolled in nursing schools have the ability to engage some of their most important senses to help them with this part of their academic routine.


When sitting in lecture courses it is obvious that students use their ears to hear what the instructor is saying. Without their hearing, it wouldn’t be possible to take notes. However, there is a right way and a wrong way to hear what’s being taught as it relates to later using that material for study sessions.

The wrong way to hear a lecture: sitting and listening to every single word that is being said and then writing down every single word that is being said.

The right way to hear a lecture: sitting and listening but separating the “filler” from the key points and topics that matter and only writing down what relates to that.

It might seem like a good idea at first to take notes on as much as possible but this will lead to confusion and frustration when it comes time to look back on those notes and organizing them for a study session. Use the syllabus to understand what the day’s lecture will be focusing on and tune in to the relevant keywords, phrases and concepts.

Additionally, when it comes to students asking questions, pay attention to the answer–it could end up being worth writing down.


“Taste” is actually the appropriate sense here but for the purpose of the subject, lets change things up slightly by focusing on a person’s speech as a type of sense.

When it is time to go back through class notes for use in a study session, tap into the power of speech to help grasp the material on a different level. Most nursing students stick to the tried and true method of using their sight to read their notes and memorize the information.

However, when it comes to matters like procedures and other subjects that involve following a particular process, use the power of speech to practice saying the information aloud. Nurses must be good communicators and by explaining the processes/procedures out loud, it is another way to absorb the information while improving a person’s communication skills.


One of the best ways to retain information and recall it back at a later time is by being hands on with the subject. Nursing students need to take what they’ve learned in the lecture and put it into action by participating in workshops, seminars and other activities that require them to use their sense of touch to implement what they’ve been taught by interacting with patients and colleagues. This experience does wonders for helping them recall important information during tests and exams.

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