The All-Important Nursing Clinicals

November 8, 2012 in Nursing Programs

nursing clinicals

In many degree programs or the educational plan for various majors you will most likely not have the opportunity to have on the job training experiences.  You will experience homework, class lectures, exams and all the rest associated with a college regime.  When you enter a nursing program you will have all that is related with “school” plus that hands-on, on the job training, known as the nursing clinicals.

The clinical component of nursing school is one of its distinguishing characteristics.  These clinicals vary a bit depending on you instructor and the facility you are assigned to.  They are not “hard,” but keep in mind that making one mistake or not following instructions is a quick way to get kicked out of nursing school.  That is how important the clinicals are look upon.  Remember your clinical instructor is the law, not another hospital employee.  If in doubt ask!

Things To Do In Nursing School Clinicals

Again, these clinicals are a very important part of your nursing education and can show your instructor the type of nurse you will be.  Be sure to be on time and come prepared every day.  Have your things ready:  books, care plan, stethoscope, pen and whatever else is asked of you.  Come dressed appropriately, following any dress code there is exactly from head to toe.

Along with coming prepared, be certain to read up on the expected skills you will need to have.  This way you are ready to begin from the get go.

What NOT To Do

Do not “trust” others.  Verify everything that you need to, from medications to what you are and are not allowed to do.  As stated, one mistake can cost you more than you bargain for.  This includes not going past the limits the instructor has set or going beyond you scope of practice.  Even if you have been an LPN for a long time, in school you are a student so know your boundaries.

Do not attempt anything you are even mildly unsure of.  It is always better to ask a question than to commit a mistake, small or otherwise.

Something that may seem trivial, but important is not to look unprofessional.  Keep yourself well-groomed and professional looking.  It will be noticed.

All in all, clinicals are an integral part of the nursing school experience.  Take full advantage of this “on the job” type of training and show your best and you will stand out.  Good luck.

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