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November 10, 2012 in Nursing Scholarships

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What Should I Do While in High School?

It is not a bad thing not knowing what you want to be when you “grow up.”  In fact, many college students enter school with an undeclared major.  If you are privy to knowing what you want to do while still in high school, then it may be a good idea to also start looking into the best way to make sure that you college education is paid for.

Nursing Career

If your direction is heading toward a career where you can make a difference in other people’s lives and within a field that seems to be a little more recession resistant than others, then consider nursing.  Nursing is a highly respected and self-satisfying job.  It is also a job that is being highly sought out and much financial assistance is being offered for such a career.

Scholarships for Nursing School

A major source of financial assistance available comes from scholarships.  There are many different nursing school scholarships that are available, especially to high school students.  There are more opportunities for scholarships for high school students, since they are considered a high priority.  If you are a high school senior and are interested in nursing school scholarships, you should start your researching now.  Talk to your school counselor or advisor for information on scholarships that are available.

What Would Help

Extracurricular activities are one of the best ways to enhance that school resume.  If you are seriously interested in nursing as a career, a great way to help out your record is by volunteering.  Look into giving some time to your local health center or hospital.  Many opportunities exist in volunteering for hospitals and when it comes to scholarships, committees really look at you extracurricular activities and volunteer work.  In their eyes, this assesses the type of well-rounded person you are and gives them a little insight into your personality and commitment to the community that you have.  Nursing is all about helping people, so it is important that you show that in your volunteer work.

Scholarship Essays

Most scholarships require that you write an essay.  Nursing scholarships are no different.  Scholarship committees use these essays to gauge which students are worthy of the scholarship.  Your essay should include why you want to become a nurse, maybe a situation that inspired you to enter this field and any experiences related to the field of nursing.  Some applications may ask you to answer a specific question related to nursing.  Make sure that essay is as detailed and as descriptive as possible.  Be yourself and give an insight to your personality, making your essay stand out.

All of this researching of scholarships may become a slightly daunting task, but it is important to start early and investigate the various scholarships out there.  It is money that will be a tremendous help on your way to a great career.  Good luck.

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