Tips for Nurses Seeking Management Positions

September 30, 2013 in Nursing TIps

What continues to make nursing jobs so sought after in the healthcare industry is the fact that many positions allow room for advancement. Instead of being stuck in the same profession for years, taking the initiative to move up the ladder makes it possible to assume a new set of responsibilities, a change in environment and even a higher pay grade.

Getting into the management level in nursing isn’t impossible but there is a way to go about grooming oneself for this path. New nurses and those with a few years of experience under their belts would do well to take note of the following information to make sure that when they decide to make the move up, that they’re in the best position to do so.

Evaluate Your Progress

Management positions aren’t just given away. The candidates considered for these types of jobs must meet the most stringent requirements and expectations of their employer. But before a nurse can become a manager, they must make sure they’re excelling in their current position. Doing a self evaluation to find out where their strengths and weaknesses lie is a good way to create a blueprint as to what needs to be improved in order to become an ideal candidate for management.

Be realistic and objective when it comes to this. If it helps, seek the professional opinion of a supervisor, mentor or other individual who has interacted with and observed your performance up until now. Receive their feedback openly and depending on what is recommended, come up with a plan of action to address any issues that need to be worked on.

No nurse should even think about putting in an application for a management position until they know they are at the top of their game.

Stay Committed

In most cases, trying out for a management nursing position means more education. The management aspect of nursing is a whole different ballgame than what is taught in traditional nursing schools and it is essential that those planning on advancing in their careers take the matter very seriously.

If more training and education is required, make sure to stay focused and commit to the tasks ahead. Does the thought of seeking additional education seem like a lot of jumping through hoops that you don’t really feel like undertaking? Then it’s a sign that you’re not ready to transition into management.

Start Showing Initiative

Even if a nurse isn’t in a position to apply for a management level career right now, that doesn’t mean there aren’t opportunities to take advantage of in their current job. Managers are known for their leadership qualities. Start honing those skills.

During meetings and discussions, speak up and contribute your thoughts more. Ask your superiors if there are any projects or tasks that you can take part in. Implement organizational skills during your shift and help others who may be struggling. If you identify a problem or issue, come up with a solution and present it to your superiors. These are all actions that demonstrate leadership qualities.

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