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February 14, 2013 in Nursing Programs

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A nursing career is considered to be one of today’s sought-after careers. It is predicted to remain in demand in the next 10 years or so.

Even with the high unemployment rate and economic crisis experienced in different sectors, nursing appears to be very promising. This is one reason why a lot of nursing schools are coming out and many colleges and schools are now offering nursing programs or courses.

Working as a nurse is considered a fulfilling and very rewarding job. You get to help a lot of people while earning more than what other health care workers are receiving. It is also a stable job as compared to other jobs in the health care industry. Several nursing careers are now very much in demand today and in the future.

Normally, an individual who desires to become a nurse will take a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) course. After getting a BSN degree, one can choose a nursing specialization to earn a higher degree which is Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) or Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP).

Among the top nursing careers or specializations that are worth taking are the following.

1.)    Nurse Anesthetist

At present, nurse anesthetist is considered one of the top-earning nursing fields. An average earning nurse anesthetist gets a six-figure pay which makes this field a good choice for many wanting to take nursing. After earning a degree in BSN, a successful degree holder will then take MSN to become a nurse anesthetist. Next, after getting an MSN degree, nurse anesthetist will need to pass the Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist exam which makes them certified and ready to work under the supervision of a physician.

A nurse anesthetist helps anesthesiologist administer anesthesia to patients during a surgery. Nurse Anesthetists usually work together with physicians, surgeons and other staff in the hospital or health care facility particularly in an operating room.

2.)     Nurse Practitionernurse

A nurse practitioner is a BSN degree holder who chose to pursue an advanced level of nursing education which is Advanced Practice Nursing, either a Master of Nursing or Doctor of Nursing degree.

Nurse practitioners can provide different kinds of health care services and can even choose the work settings or area that they want to work in. They can work on the pediatrics field, women’s health, family wellness and in almost all fields of nursing.

3.)    Nurse Researcher

Nurse researchers are assigned in gathering and analyzing medical records, data and vital information. They usually work in a private company, laboratory or health care facility. It is considered a top nursing career with a very promising salary.

4.)    Clinical Nurse Specialist

Another promising career is clinical nurse specialist. Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree holders will need to pursue a degree in Master of Science in Nursing and take advanced practice nurse.

A clinical nurse specialist is trained in a specific nursing specialization. You can choose to work in pediatrics, oncology, psychiatry and other areas in the health sector. Moreover, a clinical nurse specialist can also be assigned to perform specialized research depending on what specialty they took. Average salary for clinical nurse specialist is $85,000.

5.)    Nurse Educator

There is a shortage of nurse educators today which makes this career lucrative and worth aiming. Nursing educators need to be continuously absorbing new knowledge on health and medical-related topics. These educators also need to undergo training every now and then to keep them updated.

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If you want to be a nurse educator, you need to be passionate about teaching as well as helping other people recover from sickness.

6.)    Certified Dialysis Nurse

The main job of a certified dialysis nurse is to assist patients undergoing dialysis. Dialysis is a medical procedure that should be undertaken by patients whose kidneys can’t function well. One good thing about working as a dialysis nurse is you usually get to work between 9am- to 5pm but of course this will still depend on the hospital you are working for. Certified dialysis nurses are also in demand not only in health care facilities and hospital but also in cruise ships.

The above-mentioned nursing careers are only some of the many other fields of nursing that you can pursue in college. Find one that best suits your skills and which you are passionate about.

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