What are the Advantages of Becoming a Nurse

February 26, 2012 in Medical Careers

Advantages of Nursing

The nursing profession is a greatly respected and a highly sought after career.  The word itself emanates a sense of admiration and dedication.  If you are considering a change in careers or just finishing high school and thinking of what career path to pursue, nursing has many advantages and benefits.

Nurse Shortage 

Presently there is shortage of approximately 100,000 nurses nationwide and by the year 2020, there will be an estimated shortage of about 800,000 nurses.  The world’s population is living longer and in need of more care. nurse positions The health care field will be growing and more and more nurses will be sought after.  Some hospitals even offer signing bonuses of up to $14,000 for experienced nurses.  Visit the U.S. Department of Labor’s website on nurses and you will see the urgent need for nursing staff.

Personal Satisfaction

The satisfaction of being a nurse can almost go without saying, but it is always good to hear.  Nursing is one of the most respected occupations in America.  They are that crucial link between patients and doctors.  Each situation or circumstance is different, but patients sometimes interact much more with the nurse than with their doctor.  It takes a loving and caring person to be a nurse and those traits can help a patient make it through a long and rough treatment.

Job Flexibility

Not many jobs are as flexible as nursing.  You can work where and when you want.  It can be full-time, part-time or temporary.  You can take time off to go to school and easily find work when you return.

Schedules:  You can work in 4, 8, 10 or 12 hour shifts.  Maybe work only weekdays or just the weekends or any combination.

Location:  Being a nurse you can find work in urban hospitals, in the laidback suburbs or maybe in a quiet rural area.  You have the world open to you, literally.  There are jobs for nurses all over the U.S. or travel to different countries looking for work in the healthcare field.  You will find that work opportunities for nurses exist everywhere you turn.

Career:  Most nurses change “jobs” a number of times throughout their careers to take advantage of the many opportunities they are afforded.  Lateral movements to another field of nursing are perfect if you start feeling a bit “burned out” of the position you currently hold.  Returning to school to earn an advanced degree is also an option to move up that ladder.  There are so many positions and opportunities for continual growth that it is easy to see why nursing is so rewarding and such a fulfilling career path.

Nursing is a career that you should consider.  True, nursing may not be for everyone, but with the right disposition and the drive to succeed; nursing may just be your correct choice.

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